The Legion of Emotional Pastries

There Is No "U" In "Team"

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This is the community for the Legion of Emotional Pastries. This is where, when we get ourselves a little organized (having a community is really already too organized), we can post Legion-approved activities.

The Legion of Emotional Pastries so far consists of, in the order they joined:
plainpoundcake (no LJ, honorary member)
_______kolache (furious? no LJ, he's honorary)
lovelorn_danish (what's up with that underscore, girl?)

How do I join the Legion of Emotional Pastries?
There are few requirements for joining the Legion. First, one must have an appropriate name, consisting of 1) an emotion and 2) a pastry. Both the emotion and the pastry must be unique and must conform to the 15-character limit LiveJournal sets. Second, one must submit the name to the Legion admin, fiercecupcake. She accepts bribes of cupcakes, beer, yarn, and many other legal substances. Also, "submit" is a very loose term; although submissions are accepted by email, in print, scribbled illegibly on a damp cocktail napkin, and drunk-dialed, smoke signals and Morse code are not permissible. ASL finger-spelling is okay if you go slowly. Third, one must adopt that name as their LJ username. Information on name changes can be found here.

Can I attend LoEP-sponsored/sanctioned events if I am not a Legion member?
Yes, you can. No special action is necessary, except it's always nice to let someone know that you're coming.

Is there a regular Pastry night?
Pastry Meetings are held on Wednesday nights. Location is usually announced Monday or Tuesday.